About Us

YaMeGift – You Are My Everything Gift is a company that makes gifts you will not only love but also treasure forever. Want to make your loved one feel extra special? You Are My Everything is a handmade jewelry company specializing in custom-designed, personalized necklaces that make wonderful gifts for anyone. From necklaces to pendants, YaMeGift has an impressive array of handcrafted jewelry to suit every couple and every budget. No matter what pieces you choose, make your loved ones feel extra special when they wear them knowing that it has been specially made just for them!

Gift that Unique as You

Nothing can replace that warm feeling when you open a box, look at your beautiful jewelry and see your loved one’s name engraved inside. YaMeGift gives you the freedom to design jewelry that is unique, meaningful, and memorable. With easy-to-use and sophisticated customization features, we want you to create beautiful custom-made gifts for friends, family, lovers, and yourself. Our goal is to bring you an elegant piece of jewelry that you can wear on any occasion to remind you of what you love most.

Gift brand loved by Influencers and Creators

We have been partnered with influencers on Instagram and Creators on Tiktok (Check out our social media channels for about our passt collabs). Our products are loved and recommended by influencers and Creator. Some of the big influencers like @rosanna_davison – Miss World 2003 and Kat (@katstickler) aka Tiktok Queen. If you would like to become our brand ambassador kindly sign up for an account or contact us.

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We’re more than just a gift shop

YaMeGift is a team of people who believe in products made ethically and sustainably. Our designers source their art from all over the world and our products are made with love and care by moms in our factory in New Jersey, USA. We use only the highest quality materials and consider many factors when designing every product.  All orders are handled with care, given prompt attention by trained associates, and packaged professionally. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or special requests for your gift at [email protected]